Internet Agency  «Contengo» is more than 20 specialists in the field of design, marketing, advertising, PR, journalism, LMS and programming. 

We involve only those who are needed here and now.

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia
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Why «Contengo»?​

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

We are experts in WordPress, ModX, Drupal, Joomla.

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

Our internet agency is professional web designers and artists.

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

We are in the top search engines on the most difficult keys.

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

Interested in naming, slogan, and the selection of domains?

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

Choose - copywriting, text for website or SEO, design.

full cycle internet agency - we make websites in GB, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia

We live in Russia, we have low prices, so we do cheaper.

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Includes the development of the UT; design, page layout, layout for hosting and control of the start of the campaign.



It includes the selection of semantics, working with titles and descriptions, text preparation and, if necessary, cleaning the code.



It includes the compilation of the semantic kernel, working with titles and descriptions, text, linking and work with the trust.

Note. Prices are preliminary and may vary depending on the objectives. For accurate calculations, please call the online Agency or write to info@contengo.site. We will find the best solution to your question.

Attention, spoilers!

We are a creative internet agency from the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. «Contengo»  appeared in 2016, although the team was formed in the early 2010s. Today we have programmers, web designers, copywriters, 3D designers, web designers, translators and marketers. We attract to the project only those who are needed – this allows us to reduce costs, build sustainable communication, engage a specialist in 2-3 projects at the same time.

«Contengo» performs work on time, guarantees a favorable price and does everything to make the customer satisfied with the cooperation.

The main directions are the development of sites on WordPress, Bitrix, Drupal, Joomla, search engine optimization, filling the site with content and audit sites. We also provide design services (development of corporate identity and logos), select names (naming) and domains, and redesign websites.

We will help with the maintenance of websites both in the countries of the former USSR and in Europe. Today there are no language and financial barriers, so cooperation with the «Contengo» internet agency is as easy as with a company in your city — be it London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

First of all, the cost of living in Russia is much lower than in Europe and the United States, so our costs of development, website promotion, content filling are low. In addition, turning to our online Agency, you do not pay for luxury offices, reception staff, expensive cars. We do not want to look cool and expensive — we just do our job.

And more. When you put the task of «Contengo», you communicate directly with the performers. All requests will be heard and taken into account, and various changes on the site are applied online.

The cost of the services of the Internet agency «Contengo» consists of the labor costs of employees, the cost of professional software, tax deductions. Developing a landing-page for 200 euros, or an online store for 499 euros, we perform exactly the same amount of work as in Russia. The difference is in the translation of SEO-optimized text into your language.

We understand that there are several thousand kilometers between us and you. That is why we conclude a Service Agreement in your language, any work with the site is carried out on your hosting, the whole project is divided into several stages, and you pay for each one after completion. Even if you decide to refuse to cooperate (unfortunately, it happens), you will pay (or not pay) only the work performed.

We strictly comply with the terms of the Agreement and legislation, therefore we accept payment only to a bank account. If you are not able to pay for the services of an online agency through a bank, we work with all the payment systems of the world – Webmoney, Paypal, etc.

Initially, all modern CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – are written in English, and we in Russia work with them in localized translation. As soon as we start working with the site in your country, we will switch to your language, leaving it the only one. This means that you see all the works and can correct them in their own language.

And, if we do not understand each other, Google.Translate will always help!

All search engines in the world require the site clean code, high speed, responsiveness and adaptation to mobile devices. Our site is a sample of high speed and being in the TOP-5 on Google and Yandex. And, to be honest, our internet agency is surprised by the websites of European and American SEO companies, whose websites load for 10 seconds and weigh 15-20 megabytes – can they advance themselves in the issue?

Of course, we can install a lot of CSS, JS, flash on your new site, but you will lose the battle to faster and easier sites. Do not pursue beauty – choose ease of loading. Remember: the consumer saves time and does not want to wait 10 seconds to find out that you are the ideal option.

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