Website content is one of the important directions of the Agency «Contengo». Dealing with the development of sites, their configuration and launch, we are faced with an interesting thing: 90% of companies do not want to deal with the content, limited to filling the web page hosting.

So why do most website developers not want to do it?

website content for any sites in the world
egg (1)

Simplicity of presentation, the absence of complex revolutions


The dynamics of the text, a minimum of "water" and banalism


Structure - the presence of titles, lists, photos

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The specifics of the issue raised and completeness of presentation

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The relevance of a specific statement "here and now


Literacy - errors reduce the significance of the text

website content for any sites in the world

The fact is that site creation is a predictable process with specific goals and consequences. In recent years, there is almost no need for self-written CMS – the same Bitrix, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla (and Wix) provide the broadest tools, and in most cases «website creation» involves automatically deploying the system to hosting, stretching the theme and connecting necessary plugins.

Filling the site with content is much more difficult. First of all, for specialists – we are talking about the «Contengo» agency – you need to understand: why a specific website is needed and what exactly it will do (inform, sell, provide services). Next, we explore the portrait of the target consumer, its interests and needs, applied search words and phrases. And only after that the strategy and tactics of filling the site is developed.

Order content for the site!


Imagine the situation: you produce bright yellow cabinets. You start the site, the content manager prepares a lot of information about the benefits of yellow cabinets. Google.ADS and Yandex.Direct are running, a lot of trust links are purchased. But the last six months, the market demand blue cabinets, and the recent display in the House of Furniture sets the trend for red. What do you do – change the production process to please the consumer, or continue selling the yellow cabinets?

Why do they trust us to develop website content?

The above example is exaggerated, but it very accurately shows the essence of filling the site with content. We do not just write the text «so that it was» and not «prepare a great copyright» – we evaluate consumer sentiment and form the structure of the site based on demand. When ordering content from us, you can be sure that it will be prepared in the interests of the end customer, based on today’s market conditions. Another aspect concerns the requirements of search engines. And Yandex, and Google are paying increasing attention to the quality of content – its usefulness to the reader, the novelty of the subject under study, the volume of the material, and even literacy. Simple uniqueness and literacy no longer play the role that a few years ago.

On the contrary: the transfer of content analysis to neural networks has changed not only the classic SEO, but also led to the emergence of LSI – latent semantic indexing. A simple choice (or selection) of pictures on the photobank is also the work of the content Manager, and he must take into account a number of factors. At a minimum, the image corresponds to the subject matter of the material, the maximum – the emphasis on the product or service, following the color scheme, religious, social, cultural differences, size and format. But the main factor was and remains the content of the site photos and videos that will help to solve the problem of the site.

Give your site new breathe!


Let’s give an example. You need an office and you contact the real estate agency, which offers a good option from the developer. New building, separate entrance, redecoration. After the purchase, the question arises: leave it as it is (cheap wallpaper for painting, low-cost laminate, lamps from the supermarket), or make the office really cozy? Such that visitors feel at home and come back the next time!

Photo and video content. What, how and why?

A literate website content manager knows that the right copyright is only half the work. Photo and video used on the pages and in the material require no less attention. Since each image or video has a source, the selection of pictures from free access is a small bell: this site is a plagiarist, and it should be lowered in the issue.There are three options at once – to refuse to use images and videos (which is almost impossible), to process them in the editor or to purchase them on photobanks.

Note that a simple choice (or selection) of pictures on the photobank is also the work of the content manager, and he must take into account a whole host of factors. At a minimum, compliance of the image with the subject matter of the material, at most – emphasis on the product or service, adherence to colors, religious, social, cultural differences, size and format. But the main factor was and remains the content of the site with photo and video material that will help solve the problem of the site.

website content for any sites in the world

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«Contengo» - synonym for «filling website content»!​

Why is it better to entrust the site content to a specialized company? Because we, even engaged in the creation of websites, focus on the content part and turn the entire web page into one big commercial offer. Unlike programming a site, content includes the work of a marketer, copywriter, designer, photographer, stylist. It is «Contengo» that makes your website cozy and attractive for visitors.

We believe that such an analogy is more than appropriate. Against the background of thousands of identical sites, the buyer – who is voting with his feet and the money – will come to the place where he will be interested, informative and comfortable. And the search engine, in turn, will evaluate the quality of the content and the entire site, and lead you to the issue. «Contengo» specialists have filled hundreds of sites – we can fill yours too!

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