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Internet agency «Contengo» strives to provide the Customer with the highest quality services at a fair price. We are open to dialogue and ready to listen and consider your wishes for cooperation. Below we give the guarantees of the Customer, which we strictly adhere to.

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  1. The conclusion of the Contract between us means strict observance of all its points. Any discrepancy or non-performance is unacceptable.
  2. The contractor guarantees that all works and services are adequate, relevant and up-to-date requirements of search engines at the time of execution, and are carried out to achieve this goal.
  3. Internet Agency «Contengo» strives to perform any project as efficiently and efficiently as possible and takes all measures to ensure that the Customer is satisfied with the cooperation, and the goals have been met by 100%.
  4. The contractor sends a brief to the Customer to perform specific works, which is accepted as a technical task. If in the course of the project there are additional works or requirements that do not meet or are not specified in the brief, they are paid in proportion to the work performed at the rate of 15 euros per hour.
  5. In order to ensure the safety of the Customer, compliance with the terms of the Contract, fixing the price, work on the creation of the site, audit, Internet promotion or filling the site with content are carried out on the hosting of the customer. We can host your site or content hosting, while the customer receives full access to the management of the site or content.
  6. Work on the creation of the site, content, promotion are divided into several stages, as specified in the Contract of the parties. In this case, the Customer pays for the actual work performed after their completion. Actually, the Internet-Agency «Contengo» starts work under the Contract and receives funds after the completion of the stage do all the work.
  7. Until the payment of the right to software, design, text and other achievements belong to the contractor («Contengo»). After payment, all rights are transferred to the Customer, and the Contractor renounces them, not having the right to use them anywhere.
  8. The contractor has the right to use watermarks, php-masks, stubs on their products in order to avoid theft of the results of the work performed before their payment. Immediately after payment, all elements of the site that prevent copying are removed, and the result of the work becomes the property of the Customer.

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